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eso-charis stuff.

(check out the discography page for CD orders)

I've added the shipping/postage into the full price, it is very expensive to send all this stuff so make sure you read the order info at the bottom of this page. thanks.

skull banner and name       e with skull design

Front                                                              Back


eso-charis logo shirt / large only / short sleeve / $9.00/

colors are denim blue




eso-charis stickers /$1.00


Postage has been added into the price for US /outside of the U.S. add 2.00  

Just write your order down, and send a check or Money order made out to Cory Putman to:  Eso-Charis 1510 N. Hills blvd. Van Buren, AR 72956

Make sure you specify size and color. For any information on merchandise contact cory at

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