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eso-charis stuff.

scratch design

eso-charis name shirt / Medium - XXL /

short sleeve / $10.00/  long sleeve   / $12.00/

no back







skull banner and name              e with skull design

Front                                                              Back


eso-charis logo shirt / Medium - XXL / short sleeve / $10.00/                                                              long sleeve  / $12.00/

eso-charis logo shirt Hoodies / Large - XXL / $20.00

(both have this design on black)



strength in numbers  the time is now!

             Front                                Back

The e shirt  / Medium - XXL / short sleeve / $10.00/  long sleeve  / $12.00/

comes in black & royal blue



eso-charis "Judas" shirt / Medium - XXL / short sleeve only / $10.00/

the front has two leaves falling with eso-charis written on the inside of one.

comes in maroon and olive green




eso-charis stickers /$1.00

eso-charis patches / $1.00 ( one has the Judas pic on it and the other has the name and a little design )

all orders receive a free sticker.


Just write your order down and send a check or Money order made out to Matt Putman to:  Eso-Charis 566 evergreen lane Fayetteville, AR 72703

add $2.00 for postage / outside of the U.S. add 4.00

Make sure you specify size and color. For any information on merchandise contact Arthur at

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